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Shipping is better with Hipment

Hipment is an online tool that helps you purchase postage and ship your orders more efficiently.

Automatically Import Orders

Orders from your connected stores are automatically imported into Hipment. Shipping labels are pre-filled with your customer's address allowing you to purchase & print postage in seconds.

Purchase & Print Postage

Postage can be purchased from within Hipment. Print the label, stick it to your package, and drop it off in a mail box. No need to go to the Post Office.

Email Tracking Numbers

Hipment can optionally email your customers tracking information when you ship their order.

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Save time shipping

  • Buy postage online Hipment lets you calculate shipping costs, buy USPS postage, and print shipping labels.

  • Less form-filling If you connect your online store, Hipment can automatically import your orders. Whenever possible, we'll pre-fill the shipping forms.

  • Get your orders to your customers faster The time that Hipment saves translates into your customers getting their orders faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have another question? Send us an email.

  • Why is there a per-label fee? The fee is to cover credit card processing fees. Thanks to a bulk discount we get via USPS our prices are still very competitive—often cheaper than the retail postage price. However, if you're on a paid plan we can work with you to waive those fees. Just send us an email and we can walk you through the process.

  • How can I link my Big Cartel or Discogs account? Linking your account is simple. Once you've created a Hipment account navigate to the "Connected Stores" page and click on the store you'd like to connect. The store will ask if you'd like to give Hipment access to your account, and as soon as you click yes, we'll start importing your orders.

  • Can I use Hipment without connecting a store? Yes, you can create postage labels at anytime even if you don't connect a store. Simply click "New Order" and enter the shipping details.

  • Can I use Hipment with other online stores? Currently we only import orders from Big Cartel and Discogs, but we are actively adding support for other platforms. Please send us an email if you'd like to see your store added.

  • What carriers do you support? We support USPS out of the box. If you prefer to use UPS, FedEx, or another carrier please send us an email.

  • Do you offer a free trial? Yes, every account starts off on a 14–day free trial.


Whether you ship a thousand packages a month or a few per year—We have a plan for you.
Contact Us if you regularly ship more than a thousand packages a month for a custom solution.


$ 15 / mo

  • + 0–3.5% per label
  • 100 Shipments
  • Big Cartel Integration
  • Discogs Integration


$ 25 / mo

  • + 0–3.5% per label
  • 300 Shipments
  • Big Cartel Integration
  • Discogs Integration


$ 50 / mo

  • + 0–3.5% per label
  • 700 Shipments
  • Big Cartel Integration
  • Discogs Integration


$ 100 / mo

  • + 0–3.5% per label
  • 1,000 Shipments
  • Big Cartel Integration
  • Discogs Integration